Corporate & Premium
Corporate & Premium
Corporate & Premium

Exclusive premium items made from wood, crystals, glass, metal, animal skin? We have been making exclusive gifts for the VVIPs since 2007.   We made hundreds of special gifts; unique on their own to many royal family members; inside and outside the country.  All items were fabricated once and never repeated again.  

You can also customise your corporate frames to showcase your new building, your logo, your products, or any of or your aspirations.  Corporate frames to showcase your new building, your logo, your products of your aspirations are also very popular.  Made from various materials; sand and stones, solid wood and veneer sheets, pearl papers, and shells; name it.  Brief us what you need and you may well have your new corporate frames on your way!  

Or, simply by buying the ready-made designs in our showroom, you can add captions and names and it's ready for pickup!! 



At the moment, we are in the midst of preparing these items to be in the store!

You can go to our dedicated website for all customised items as or click to message us! 

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