Return, Refund & Exchange Policy

As a buyer, you can see in our product description the return, refund and exchange policy for every item in Oleolekita website. The description of individual types as below:-

If the item has the yellow icon, that means that the item is possible for Return & Refund or Return & Exchange.  As we strive you make a fair trade between Oleolekita, our artists/artisans and our buyers, Oleolekita does not allow cancellation or return of any purchased item with reasons such as Item No Longer Needed, Wrong Choice of Colour, Item Does Not Look Like Pictures in Shop, Change My Mind; you get the idea.  So, you want to return your purchased item? Read on.


Application for the Return, Refund or Exchange of an Item
Buyer may only apply for the return, refund or exchange of the purchased item in the following circumstances:

  1. The item has not been received by the buyer after delivery has been made.  Please note that every items may have different lead and delivery time.  You may check your item status with our third delivery services;
  2. The item was defective and/or damaged on delivery.  In this case, please let us know about it through Facebook Messenger and send us the clear pictures of the packaging and clear pictures of the defects or damages of the item.  Please note that if the item is damaged or used by the you, there will not be any return, refund or exchange;
  3. The item does not match the agreed specification.  Send us message through Facebook Messenger and cite issue;

Note that buyer’s application must be made via Facebook Messanger will review each Buyer’s application on a case-by-case basis and, in its sole discretion, determine whether Buyer’s application is successful.


Condition of Returning Item
To enjoy a hassle-free experience when returning the item, please ensure:-

  1. All items and its accessories must be returned to Oleolekita in the condition received on delivery. We will recommend you to take a photo of the item upon receipt, and clear pictures of the packaging and the item itself.  The item should be returned in its original packaging and shipping container.
  2. Application for returning item should be made in 48 hours after receiving.  You can just simply message us through Facebook Messenger and cite us your issue.
  3. Return the item to Oleolekita either by using your own third-party courier service company or our third-party courier service company.  Please note that if you are using your own third-party courier service, the cost of returning the item to Oleolekita or our artists/artisans is borne fully by you. Else, we will send our third-party courier service company to pick-up the item from the same delivery address and the cost of delivery is fully borne by Oleolekita and/or our artists/artisans.

If you select Pickup From Store during checkout, Oleolekita will not cover the returning cost of all items if you choose to return the item later.  We will strongly suggest that you check all items purchased during self-pickup before taking the item home.

If you buy any items that is directly sent to you by our artists/artisans, it is best for you to send the items back to them.  If your purchased items is sent through Oleolekita, you can return your purchase to the following address : 

A2-24 Tingkat 1, Plaza Gambut, Bangunan MARA
Jalan Gambut, 25000 Kuantan


Refunds or Exchange
After inspecting all documents (receipts and pictures) or our vendors have the right to do either one of the following:-

  1. Buyer will only be refunded after Oleolekita received the returned item with investigation process and procedures completed. The refund will be made to your credit/debit card or designated bank account, whichever is applicable.  Please note that it may take 30 days to refund the monies.
  2. Exchange the same item or another item with the same or higher value to you. 


If the item has the red icon, that means that the item is not possible for Return & Refund or Return & Exchange.  All items with this icon are handmade thus refund and exchange are not possible.  All items with this icon are sold AS IS and the art pieces may differ slightly in colour, design and size. and our vendors strive to give you a high in quality products with the best possible design.